Monday, June 6, 2016

DESMA Event 3

            For my last event, I attended the LACMA museum. Besides the most famous pieces there such as the outdoor lights, rain room, and etc. there were many more galleries that were very interesting to me. I do not remember the name of the gallery I went in, but it was such an Avante-Garde and Picasso style and I loved it. The gallery consisted of many oil paintings and an array of different colors. One painting was different to me, it had the insides of a man coming out from its own skin with a dark background behind him. In my opinion, I thought this painting depicted something deep. For example, if people were to see how you are from the inside, literally, everyone would look the same and therefore be equal. Another painting that I had seen to look very interesting consisted of many colors and was arranged in Avante- Garde form that was a mash up between a man and a woman. I loved how the artist used various colors within the piece and was so creative to make us think what we see of the piece. It reminded me so much of Picasso because of how the many lines, shapes, and colors combined together to make something so unique.

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