Wednesday, April 20, 2016

DESMA Week 4

            This week’s theme really caught my attention on how interesting technology can be used in various ways for medical related purposes. There are many machines and different types of technology used for human benefits. X-rays and MRI’s are perfect examples to display their usefulness and how they are important to our world. In my experience, I had to get multiple MRI screenings for my knee because of an injury that occurred during a game. If it wasn’t for this technology, doctors or myself would not have known that I had a torn Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) and meniscus. In this case, having developed this machine along with many others has become an important factor in the medical field.

            In relation to art with medicine and technology, Professor Vesna mentions, in lecture one, that artists took interest within the human body. By taking interest in the human anatomy, artists back then dissected cadavers to take a closer look into the structure of the human body. Although there were different cultural ways of dissecting a human body, this allowed not only artists, but doctors and the entire medical field to study the human anatomy and gain knowledge of the details of the inside of a human being. Artists played an important role during this process because technology was not as developed back then like today. So what artists would do, is they would help those people in the medical field study the human anatomy by drawing and illustrating it for them. Andreas Vesalius was one of the authors who created a book that goes in depth with the human structure.

MRI scan on the knee.

Andreas Vesalius anatomical drawing of the human structure. 

Human dissections used to draw the human structure.


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  1. It's cool to see how science and art really can come together in a great way. Without the artists's work scientists would have never discovered the inner workings of the human body back in the day. I liked how you related your personal experience with science and techonology with this week's lessons. It's cool to see how far technology has come and I'm glad that it could aid you with your knee. Great job!