Sunday, April 3, 2016

DESMA 9 Week 1

            In the concept of two cultures and as we were learning about the differences between science and art, I as well had always held the opinion that the two were so different. Just as said in one of the lecture video and C.P. Snow’s book, I agreed upon the stereotype of the mad scientists holding dangerous experiments and artists being oblivious to technology because they enjoy being in front of a blank canvas and paint.

            In relation to two cultures, personally, an example would be my ethnicity. Being Samoan and American are two different aspects traditionally and by location. The island of Samoa is some ways from American land which separates the two from each other. Just like professor Vesna states in the lectures, our campus of UCLA is separated between science and art. Stereotypes distinguishing Samoa and America would be opinionated to be such examples like luaus and the beautiful scenery and waters from the sun, beaches, and shopping. This compares to the idea of two cultures.

            However, in professor Vesna’s article discussing a “third culture” I was inspired by the statement of being in between both science and art. In my perspective I can see artists and scientists collaborating to create something great. Artists can use science as another resource to get inspiration for different types of shapes or anything to get ideas and expand their creativity. Scientists can also use inspirations from artists to utilize their creativity and put it to use in a way to impact their experiments.


Separation between the islands and America.

North campus upper right hand corner, south campus bottom left corner.

Separation between art and science.


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  1. I like your interpretation about two cultures in relationship to geography. I'm a geography major so things like how two places are similar or different really interest me. America and the American Samoa are really interesting contrast because it's a part of the United States of America but also very different and separated from mainland United States. But as in two cultures, it retains but voluntary or force American politics and idealization and therefore in a sense has "two cultures".