Sunday, May 8, 2016

DESMA Week 6

            As said in Professor Vesna’s lecture video (pt. 1), she states that bioart causes a lot of controversy regarding the manipulation of life. For example, scientists are able to change a sequence within a cell or within DNA. An experiment held by Eduardo Kac consisted of a rabbit who had natural or synthetic genes transferred into it to make his appearance look fluorescent green. An experiment such as this requires plenty of care because Kac is manipulating a species’ life which he must respect and nurture.
The experiment of the rabbit and its special genes when transferred.

             However, Natalie Jeremijenko provides solutions and ways to develop our community to preserve our resources. For example, she came up with an idea to create a mini park in a “No Park” zone which was located in front of a fire hydrant. Jeremijenko would plant toxin absorbing plants which would be designed to absorb the standing water and pollution. All of her projects contain plant species and different ways to use them as a way to help our environment.

 Natalie Jeremijenko
An example of Jeremijenko's plant which is used to preserve our environmental resources.

             In relation to art and biotechnology, many cells reflect off of art and people’s perception of what type of art it represents. For example, the E.coli cell was said in Professor Vesna’s lecture video (pt. 1) to look like sound waves of the genre jazz. People have found that many cells look like forms of sound waves. Another example Professor Vesna gave us was how the map of the Milky Way compared to the transgenic mouse and how it was reduced into the sequence of DNA base pairs to make them similar and be perceived as a form of art.
A sound wave perceiving to look like an E.coli cell.



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