Sunday, May 29, 2016

DESMA Week 9:

            The “Powers of Ten” intro video was amazing to see how the process of our world can develop within seconds- in ten seconds to be specific. From the picnic on grass, to the city, to the state itself, then to the globe, space, and etc. To see how much and how far we can visualize within ten seconds, I can see why artists are so fascinated by the thought of space. From the many different outcomes you can get from figures, shapes, and plenty of designs from the stars, Milky Way, and the many formations we can see from the stars or the constellations. It was also interesting to me how they tied everything at the end together to ourselves and our bodies to see a deeper meaning behind our own perspective through space and how much our world has evolved.

                                                        Powers of Ten perspective
              There are many philosophers who have made their own prediction, hypothesis, or philosophy on how they perceive space to be. For example, there was a philosophy by a man named Copernicus who strongly hypothesized that out sun was the center of our solar system. However, he did not share his thought about the sun being the nucleus of our planets due to the fact that religion was a big deal back then and he did not want to be looked down upon by the church’s higher authority by spreading “nonsense” to others and having their thoughts in a different realm in which they lived in.
Illustration of Copernicus' heliocentric model of the universe.
Copernicus' theory

                        The third lecture was probably my favorite one to learn about because I am a big animal person and to see people experimenting with them and having them go into space was interesting. However, I understand that this experiment was part of a developing matter but I wish they could have monitored those dogs and chimpanzees a lot more closely to spare their lives. But they did receive plenty of information and data off of these animals that will benefit our future which is exciting to explore.
Animal experiment, sending dogs into space


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