Saturday, May 21, 2016

DESMA Week 8


            Artists find nanotechnology interesting because it is something we cannot see from the human eye, but something so small you need technology to see it close up such as a scanning electron microscope. The cool thing about seeing nanotechnology as art is the different forms an object has from the inside. For example, a single strand of hair is approximately 80,000 nanometers wide which is a lot of room to see and develop abstract creativity within its form.
Strand of hair through a scanning electro microscope

            Not only can nanotechnology be seen as art, but it is a major impact towards science and the different types of inventions that can be made with the help of it. For example, Boo Chapple has been trying to make audible sounds out of bone for the past couple of years. By doing so, he will be using the vibrations from the bone to create its audible sound.
Transjuicer image
Bone made to create audible sounds through vibrations

            This week’s theme did not seem that interesting to me until I got deeper into the topic and realized the great things that can come from nanotechnology. The one thing that caught my attention the most were the Blue Morphos and the idea towards nanophotonics from Dr. Gimzewski. Nanophotonics gives the ability to see color change. It is said that the Blue Morph is supposed to be black, however, the human eye sees blue instead due to the “Christmas Tree” protein structures where light is used on the nanoscale reflecting a blue shade.
File:Blue Morpho (7974443510).jpg
Blue Morpho butterfly


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