Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Event Blog #1: Hammer Museum

            As I walked into the first gallery at Hammer Museum, the first thing that came across my mind was the robotics, technology, and art concept we have studied. The first thing I saw was a piece made of metal that was sculptured into an abstract sphere. That was when I knew I was going to base my event blog off of robotics, technology, and art.

            I have never really stepped into a museum until now. After I saw all these security people keeping an eye out of everything and everyone, I felt some discomfort but proceeded through anyway. As I am walking through the first gallery, I notice some type of machine.


I learned that this machine is a textile cloth weaver. There are many different types of weaving machines as well that has developed through time. For example, this textile cloth weaving machine is functioned through hands-on professionals. This product has improved today; instead of having hands-on people work the machine, manufacturers have found an easier way to process the products that come through this machine which is an electronically powered.

            This also made me realize the development of our technology which compared to my midterm project. It is amazing to see how fast our technology has been improving and how scientists, engineers, etc. are spending time day by day figuring out a way to improve or create what is already made better.

            When I went to this event, it was free admission so I was not able to get a ticket in hand but I did take a picture with the weaving machine for proof of attendance. Security also did not want to take a picture with me due to privacy reasons.


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